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Mirador Hotel 1st Anniversary 2nd Promotion

¡¹ Check-in Dates : 1st November 2011 - 30th November 2011
                                     (No matter when you make your booking request.)
¡¹ 10% Discount for one night, 20% Discount for two nights or more
     eg : Deluxe Double Room full rate NT$ 4200 ., Special Rate : NT$ 1880
             1st Anniversary Promotion Rate per night : NT$ 1690 (one night)
                                                                                          NT$ 1500 (two nights or more)
¡¹ Limited to weekdays only (Sunday - Friday), public holidays exclusive
     Dates cannot be used¡G11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 11/26
¡¹ Booking has to be successfully completed via Mirador Online Booking System.
¡¹ Discount will be deducted from the balance amount when check in.
     eg : Deluxe Double Room 1st Anniversary Promotion Rate : NT$ 1690, please paid
             by credit card for half amount (1880/2=940) of original rate via online booking
             system, the balance amount (1690-940=750) will be charged when check in.
¡¹ 1st Anniversary Promotion cannot be used together with other promotions.¡C