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Story Begins . . .

When Story Begins . . .

Welcome to Mirador Hotel, the word of MIRADOR is from Spanish, except the original meaning watchtower, great view from high above is inclusive as well. We hope our delicate style will bring everyone an extraordinary feeling different from other business hotels.

The original concept of Mirador Hotel is from the village of Europe, hotels or buildings there do not high to the sky but painted with touchable paintings, lovely and warm. This is the main thoughts why we cannot have the same feeling here in Taiwan.

Our Hopes

Have you ever been touched from European style buildings and architecture? Those feeling may only comes from the flower of street corner or windowsill, perhaps it is only from the astonishing wall painting.

Now, we hope you can enjoy the atmosphere in Taiwan as well. Beneath the warm sunlight, enjoy the great breakfast at our sunshine Garden Restaurant and start your new day full of energy. We provide best service and most reasonable rate, hope you will have pleasant and unforgettable memories. Mirador Hotel Kaohsiung will be the best choice during your stay in Kaohsiung.

About Mirador

Mirador Hotel Wall Painting

Mirador Hotel opened in 2010. The colorful and touchable painting on the wall attracts people's eyes. Such concept and building is not only unique in Kaohsiung but also a pioneering work in Taiwan. No matter you live here or just pass through, we hope you can stay for a while or drop by.

Mirador Corridor and lane for car

Unlike other business hotel to use all the space extending lobby or rooms, Mirador Hotel has very special design for friends who drive. You don't have to be panic finding your umbrella or afraid of being dreched in the rainy day.

Surprising Elevator

Lots of friends say the elevator of Mirador Hotel is the most astonishing elevator they have ever seen. We wishes all friends can sit down and take a rest here. People always discuss the unique concept of this elevator, so strangers can be friends soon.

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