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Hotel Lobby

The first sight of ¡iMirador Hotel Kaohsiung¡jlobby will be fresh and natural colors. In order to bring an joyful feeling to all the friends, we use pure white and light yellow as the primary colors.

Fairy Mirador

With height of 250 cm, ¡iFairy Mirador¡j is the spiritual symbol of ¡iMirador Hotel Kaohsiung¡j. Bunches of grapes signify bountiful pleasant memories which will be taken by all of you.

Free Internet Area

We provide free broadband Internet access. Even if you forget to bring your laptop while traveling, you can still surf the Internet unrestrictedly.

Lounge Area

You can enjoy a cozy space when waiting for friends or taking a rest. We also serve free tea and coffee here.

Front Desk Services¡G

¡¹ Fax and email
¡¹ Taxi reservations
¡¹ Luggage storage
¡¹ The latest travel information
¡¹ Message taking service


Sunshine Garden Restaurant

Unlike restaurants in other business hotels, we set the breakfast dining area by the garden terrace on the 5th floor, which is the best spot. When the warm morning sun shines on the French windows, a beautiful day is about to begin. We hope every visitor will start an energetic day in comfortable surroundings.

Western-Style Breakfast¡G

In order to serve fresh meals for breakfast, we don't choose the most common way of buffet. All the breakfasts we served are made when you come. We provide two choices of breakfast daily which are both light meals with low grease and salt, allowing you to start a day without burdening your body. We try to make them different everyday even you stay here for couples of days as well.

Meal A

¡¹ Country vegetable salad (with thousand island dressing)
¡¹ American-style sausage
¡¹ Italy vanilla toast
¡¹ Mirador special mashed potatoes
¡¹ Fresh fruit jelly
¡¹ Coffee, milk or juice (optional)

Meal B (Recommended for Vegetarians)

¡¹ Country vegetable salad (with Japanese salad dressing)
¡¹ Premium corn or potato chips
¡¹ Italy vanilla toast
¡¹ Mirador special mashed potatoes
¡¹ Fresh fruit
¡¹ Coffee, milk or juice (optional)

Above Breakfasts are included in the room rates and required to be ordered when making reservations. Please select the meal when making reservations. Each breakfast is NT$ 120 for visitors or hotel guests at short notice.

All the pictures above are for reference only, we will make changes according to the seasons.


Hanging Garden

¡iMirador Hotel Kaohsiung¡jdoesn't position itself as a general business hotel. We hope every guest will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing living environment no matter he or she is on a business or leisure trip. So we insisted on sacrificing space for guest rooms and replacing it with a garden that enables people to breathe green. With colorful flowers that blossom throughout the year, the garden demonstrates a slow-paced vacation atmosphere.

Outdoor Dining Area¡G

Nature lovers can enjoy romantic European-style leisure at the outdoor dining area which will start your day with flourishing greeneries and floral fragrances.

Area A

Solid wood chairs and wrought iron tables lean on wrought iron handrails. On the southern pine floor, you can enjoy an outdoor leisure atmosphere elegantly without worrying about suntans.

Area B

White wrought iron tables and chairs scatter at the corners of sunshine garden. The uneven picturesqueness will make you feel as if you were in a European garden and allow you to bask in phytoncide and floral fragrances.

To bring every visitor a fully relaxing and comfortable space, your suggestions and advice are welcomed. Let us jointly make Mirador a better hotel.

The Gallery

For more pictures of Mirador Hotel, please connect to the link below.