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Memory at Mirador Hotel

ˇ¶ Hot summer afternoon,ˇiMirador Hotelˇjattracts everyone's eyes, just like a beautiful painting.

ˇ¶ With my heart full of expections,ˇiMirador Hotelˇjmay be the new landmark of Kaohsiung downtown.

ˇ¶ Friendly staff explains hotel facilities, it seems this will be a wonderful trip.

ˇ¶ Walk into the room, I become a princess because of the romantic color and atmosphere.

ˇ¶ The best location ofˇiMirador Hotelˇjand free internet service satisfy everyone's need.

ˇ¶ Old style phonograph seems to sing her story, with the flow of music, my mind has been floating in the air.

ˇ¶ Delicate resting area provides the best space for every traveler.

ˇ¶ In the sunshine garden restaurant, a cup of coffee brings my heart with happiness.

ˇ¶ Outdoor European style garden and wood chairs make youself forget you are in city downtown.

ˇ¶ Escape the busy and crowded city, here I enjoy the peacefulness and comforts.

ˇ¶ White iron tables and chairs scatter at the corners of sunshine garden. The uneven picturesqueness stops every second.

ˇ¶ InˇiMirador Hotelˇj, I leave with sweet memories, coming back again will be my ony promise.